Get a unified view of your big data

Consolidate your big data from disparate sources into one integrated framework for efficient data management.

Build confidence in your data with Estuate’s Data Integration services

Estuate integrates the 3 Vs of big data - Volume, Variety and Velocity into a unified structure to enable easy visibility and management of your business information.

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Store voluminous data coming from multiple heterogeneous sources in low-cost, digital databases

Data Migration Services

A methodical approach to simplified data migration across systems and applications using the right tools

Customized ETL Solutions

A range of business specific ETL tools for easy extracting, transforming and loading of big data

Process Integration

Parallel processing of information across disparate applications and databases for easy movement of data across the organization

Real-Time Governance

Flexible and real-time governance of data through analytics and standard reporting tools for enhanced visibility and clarity

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